Hello, I am an architect and designer living in Paris. I design and realise interiors of private, professional and public spaces. I also design and create custom furniture.




Often in my work, there is initially a goal of making a table, a chair, a bookshelf, but there is also the will to:

  • create a particular assembly, or a specific detail: the TAM table, or the Adéle chair,
  • use a material for its appearance and features: the Emperador table, the Socrates couch, or the Rendez Vous desk,
  • playing with an image: a library that would look like an open book, where the elements would be pages: the DNA library; a coffee table base as a construction set: the Mikado coffee table.

In the tool palette of my creations , there is also:

  • proportion that guides the drawing, as surely as does the seasoned hand of the artisan,
    light that plays with the groove of the timber, or changes direction with different materials.

See some furniture details



Interiors are the places we inhabit, where we work or live. Whether occupied or empty, we have to

  • always define and understand our needs and always go beyond,
  • compose and edit the space, so that it becomes as if having always been like it will be.

From a shared idea, just like a potter works the clay with water, my job is to shape the space with light. Then, I mix materials, maintaining a limited number of colours, to build a new identity for the space.


Work methods and tariffs

Furniture design

Each item can be custom made to measure.

Prices vary according to size, special arrangements the number of units. All furniture is sold by MI’O edition sarl.

Price examples

Not including delivery and value added tax.

  • Cupboards: from € 1,950 to € 9,500
  • Chests of drawers: from € 2,850 to € 6,250
  • Bookshelves: from € 1,095 to € 9,850
  • Office desks: from € 1,750 to € 6,250
  • Sofa chairs: from € 589 to € 5,950
  • Settee tables: from € 950 to € 3,450
  • TV-HIFI-DVD sideboard: € 900 € 3,850

Assessing your custom furniture requirements

A study includes:

  • a visit to your home in Paris or the inner suburbs — for other locations please contact us,
  • analysis of your needs and budget,
  • assessment of your interior,
  • the realisation of a sketch — drawings presented at the MI’O showroom or at your home,
  • estimation of manufacturing costs.

Price: from € 290 excluding value added tax.

Interior design

I design interiors for your private environment, professional or public space.

1) First phase: analysis of your specifications and assessment of your space

  • Analysis of your specifications: your needs, your budget.
  • Areas of expertise: business, analysis of the plans, identification of technical and administrative constraints, documents presented at the site visit.
  • Conclusion: our opinion on the compatibility of your space, with your specifications.
  • Price : from € 350, excluding VAT, depending on the nature of your project, in Paris.

2) Second phase: project execution and monitoring

  • The sketch: synthesis constraints, highlighting possible project choices.
  • The project: plans, choice of colours and materials, quotation, time.
  • Project delivery and completion: the starting point of your new life.

Depending on the nature of the proposed work, the area, geographic location, and your budget, I can make a fixed price offer. Please contact us.

The designer

After obtaining a degree in architecture (DPLG), I worked in several architectural agencies, including Jean Nouvel. Getting the “young designer” prize of Meuropam furniture fair, and invitations to participate in several furniture fairs, convinced me to direct my professional practice to furniture design.

Many of my creations have been published in the press: the Gremline CD rack, the Circus and Hosea bookshelf and the Mélusine cabinet.

I learned a lot from the diversity in my work — the refurbishment of a Haussmann apartment, that of a law firm, or of the parents’ space of the Robert Debré Hospital.

I cannot imagine a space separately from the man who will live there – this would be like creating a piece of furniture without thinking about its use.

Eric Miomandre


MI’O has moved from the Place du marché Saint Honoré in Paris. The address of the new showroom will be announced very soon.

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