Hello, I am an architect and designer living in Paris. I design and realise interiors of private, professional and public spaces. I also design and create custom furniture.

After obtaining a degree in architecture (DPLG), I worked in several architectural agencies, including Jean Nouvel. Getting the “young designer” prize of Meuropam furniture fair, and invitations to participate in several furniture fairs, convinced me to direct my professional practice to furniture design.

Many of my creations have been published in the press: the Gremline CD rack, the Circus and Hosea bookshelf and the Mélusine cabinet.

I learned a lot from the diversity in my work — the refurbishment of a Haussmann apartment, that of a law firm, or of the parents’ space of the Robert Debré Hospital.

I cannot imagine a space separately from the man who will live there – this would be like creating a piece of furniture without thinking about its use.

Eric Miomandre



10 rue caffarelli 75003 Paris France

00 33 1 40 20 43 18

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